Verevo is the holding company for CCN Communications Ltd and Nexus Fibre Solutions Ltd. Our primary trading company is CCN and Nexus serves as an independent operating business to deliver in-house fibre services to CCN and its clients.

The two businesses operate together as one to truly deliver specific expertise to the sector, so that we can guarantee end-to-end delivery and most importantly, scale.

CCN has been a key player in the telecoms sector for over 10 years. We are passionate about technology and giving people access to gigabit services across the South of England.

We plan to deliver over 300,000 homes in the next few years and hope to deliver a further 1.5m homes in the years to come through new and improved network architecture with our clients.

Verevo CCN began as a telecommunications contractor working with Telent on the Openreach network and has diversified to work with many of the UK’s telecoms providers. This growth has enable further expansion into aerial services and 5G opportunities.

Our single focus is to build these networks over the coming years, including fixed-line FTTP, hybrid aerial, mobile and 5G, to complete our ultimate mission of constructing a Converged Communication Network as our namesake suggests. This will create a “network of networks” that connects the human race to the digital age and all the exciting things it will bring to the world.