Our focus is always working safely on the highway and delivering a high-quality product, on time, every time. Our wide range of methodologies work well on various projects and environments and assure on-time completion.

Narrow Trenching
Cabinet Structures
Chamber Construction
Project Management

We have been narrow trenching on behalf of Virgin Media’s Lightening Project since 2016. Since then, narrow trenching has become our ‘normal’ process and we use it everywhere we can.

We also use the “ditchwitch” to efficiently dig extended areas of verge with a focus on time and cost efficiency. The ditchwitch has been essential in our work for Gigaclear’s rural expansion project across Berkshire and Hampshire.

All of our crews have access to loomers. This removes one large responsibility from our civils crews, as the equipment will have been prepared ready for their excavations to begin. This also reduces the possibility for error in the field.

We work closely with our direct operatives and sub-contractors to maintain smooth working relationships.