Some of the key systems we use to make the operational cogs turn smoothly

Project Management with Monday

Monday is a great tool for project managing every build. It allows us to share live and accurate information with our teams and clients. The data is stored in the cloud and the information is visualised beautifully on desktop or mobile, making this highly effective both in the field and in the office.
We aim to report openly and honestly on the progress of our projects and share accurate information. This helps us to maintain harmonious relationships with clients and local authorities.

CEMAR - Contract Event Management and Reporting

To ensure that we meet our contractual requirements, we use and encourage systems such as CEMAR. Currently, CEMAR helps us communicate contract events accurately and on-time.

Just 3 Things - Goals and objectives made clear

At the core of our business is an effective company mission and goal-setting culture, which allows everyone to know exactly what our plans are and how they contribute to our success.
We take key results from our contracts and ensure that they are built into plans for each team. Now, we know that we are all pointing in the same direction and working together to deliver success for our clients and each other.

Geckoboard Dashboards - What gets measured, gets done

No score, no game. If we don't set metrics for key results and display them openly and honestly, then how can we drive continuous improvement?
We use Geckoboard to display up-to-date information, whether it's good, bad or ugly. We develop metrics that matter to every person in the business, so that we all know the score and how we can impact it.

iAuditor - Everything standardised, always digital

When it comes to capturing information directly from the field, we use iAuditor. This system allows us to harvest information on safety and quality from all operatives in the field. Now, we can put that data to use.